Sensei Kara Borshuk

* Sensei Kara Borshuk

Sensei Kara Borshuk, is a Retired Law Enforcement Officer. And as the owner of Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute.

In addition Kara Borshuk comes to us from 30+ years career in Law Enforcement working in US & Canada. And she is a 3rd grade hand cuffing expert and teacher. Most importantly she has extensive training in pressure points and hand to hand combat.

Plus also she Specialized in Investigations, Search & Locate missing persons & Cold Case files.  

Sensei Kara Borshuk

3 yrs -Metropolitan police college.
2 yrs -St Clair college.
4 yrs -University of Windsor
2 Yrs -St. John Ambulance

Firstly, she has been operating the school since 2015 when Grand Master Art Mason retired from Dojo operations. 

And below is a listing of Sensei Kara Borshuk other qualification including martial arts training.

Law Enforcement

Firstly Sensei Borshuk worked for 18 years in Investigations, and spent a great deal of time working with Law Enforcement agencies.  This included "Cyber crime" divisions. Because of this training specifically she is an expert at keeping your child safe in the online world. 

Most of all today all parents are concerned and rightfully so with what is going on in our online world. Therefore Sensei provides children and adult with critical learning about remain safe.  For example what information to post on Social Media and what not to. That is to say how to chose who to communicate with, who not too. And how to remain as anonymous as possible. And I am sure all parent today agree with how important this is! 

Other Credentials:

  • Organized Crime
  • Major Crime Investigations and Case Management
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Criminal Investigations

Another important area in which Sensei Borshuk working is in Drug Prevention Programs. Children today are under a lot of pressure from friends to do things that endanger their health and safety. Hence her expertise in this area is very beneficial for parents. Because she is so well trained she can see the "signs" of a problem or a potential problem you child may have or encounter. 

And other important thing! Sensei Kara Borshuk is not only a "mom" of adult children but was also a foster parent for over 25 children over the years. Certainly this make the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts the best possible choice for your child! That is to say, that experience counts!


  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Police Operational Courses
  • Also Police Management and Leadership
  • Police Operational Special Forces
  • Traffic Collision Investigation
  • Airport Security
  • Private Security
  • Correctional Services
  • Handcuffing Restraint (3rd class) qualified with 16 yrs instruction


Most importantly, Sensei also has taken Emergency response courses, with Full EMS Certification. She is prepared, however unlikely, for any emergency situation that may arise during the course of a class. Most of this gives parent peace of mind when their child is training in our Dojo. 

Martial art Credentials

  • Judo Jujitsu - 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido - 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Kyusho Jitsu - 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Internationally Certified Teacher

Importantly Sensei is always working on her own martial art training and education. This has been a very important aspect of our Dojo since its founding in 2000.  Therefore Sensei Borshuk is currently studying Hapkido, Kyusho Jitsu and Kosho Ryu directly with Grand Master Art Mason as a private student. This information page will be updated frequently.

Dojo Operations

Sensei currently operated a Dojo in Windsor Ontario with one coming soon in Barbados. 

The Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute