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Welcome to the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute Information website.  

Our school, the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts was founded on March 1st 2000 by the Mason Family in Belle River Ontario. And we have been serving the Windsor / Essex County area for over 20 years. 

In 2015 Hanshi Kara Borshuk took over the Windsor operations as Grand Master Art Mason relocated himself and his son Master Scott Mason to Brasov Romania, where they still reside today.   

Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts

Our History:

The Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts was founded by Grand Master Art Mason, Master Curt Mason and Master Scott Mason on March 1st 2000. 

So as of today Master's Curt & Scott have moved on to other things in life.  Meanwhile Grand Master Mason today is focused on Kyusho Jitsu , Kosho Ryu and his own personal study. Originally the school began in Belle River taking on its first students July 1st 2000.

And the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts was a huge success having over 100 students in Belle River during its hay day. Subsequently, after that opening in Belle River the school was expanded to Windsor, Tecumseh and Essex.  

And all locations were very successful! Grand Master Art Mason began his martial arts journey in 1984 with Chung Oh's School out of Kitchener Ontario. And he continued his training with his teacher Master Philip Hollohan from 1984 to 2000. 

* The Masons

Therefore when it comes to learning true martial arts, not sport then Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute is the best place for your child, or for yourself. Peaceful Warriors teachings are an eclectic for of Hapkido. You can read a History of Hapkido here. 

Peaceful Warriors Today

Today most importantly, Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Martial Arts Institute operated under a rich history in local martial arts having taught several thousand people over the 20 year time. And today the school continues its rich legacy under the guidance of Sensei Borshuk and Instructor Jody Tweney. Therefore the rich the legacy continues!

With a focus is on both children and adult classes, each with a specific goals, the school continues its success today. Grand Master Mason still plays a role in the guidance of curriculum taught when needed. Hence he is also the main signature on the Black Belts, teachers and certified teachers in the school.  

Today the only location of Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts is running in Canada is Windsor Ontario. 

And today the business is owned and operated by Hanshi Kara Borshuk

Classes operate Monday & Friday beginning at 6:00 pm.
Call 519-982-3063 for more information
1450 Tecumseh Road East 
Windsor Ontario

Email: [email protected]

OUR GOAL to Achieve:

* Values of the Peaceful Warriors

Do any of these situation apply to you?

  • Firstly, does Your child has attention problems in school and they want him or her medicated?
  • Secondly, is Your child is being tormented by a bully and the school is doing nothing to help?
  • Thirdly, are you working in a very stressful jobs and are having problems sleeping at night?
  • Fourthly, are you concerned about being safe on the streets today?
  • Above all you fighting weight issues or are you concerned about your child's weight?

Well I can guarantee that martial arts classes can help!! And it all starts with our 10 Point Success System! Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Success System

10 Point Success System

1. Positive Role Models: What is the biggest asset of Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts? Our teachers! Now, I’ll tell you up front. They are not like the teachers you’ve seen in the Martial Art movies. So are they “tough guys?” Yes. But what you will notice (and so will your child)…is that they are “Nice Guys.” 

They have been hand selected…not just because they are great Martial Artists. They have been chosen because they are wonderful people, and respectable role models. Most of all they have a great desire for helping others benefit from the Martial Arts!

They also must pass a rigid certification course overseen by Master Art Mason. Most importantly our instructors care about each and every student individually and will work hard to assure that their potentials are reached.

2. Physical Fitness: It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are out of shape. Adults and children both get a great workout, that is fun at the same time productive! And when a student starts to see progress in the physical work they are doing, their self esteem improves.

3. A High Energy, Exciting Environment: Many kids & adults have grown accustomed to virtual activities (video games, television, internet). But participating in an exciting, high energy environment, focused on an actual activity, will give you or your child a very real sense of achievement! Therefore you will be thrilled with the outcome. 

4. Learning to Set Goals: Our belt system is one of the keys to our success! Therefore on a very subtle level the student is taught to set goals and achieve them! Hence over time the student starts to set goals in their non martial arts life as well, and has the tools to make these goals a reality.

And here's more benefits!

5. The Message of the Week: Regular exposure to our message of the week, which happens at the start of each and every class. These messages are on such topics as respect, focus, persistence, courage, discipline and confidence. Most of all the parents at Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors find this is their favourite part of out classes.

6. Curriculum Based Development: Our certified teacher is an expert in their field and understand how to teach your child the skills of listening and focusing. In fact, they will start to learn these skills in the first week.

7. A Series of Positively Constructed Challenges:  And these will build your child’s confidence! You will be delighted to see your children confidently move outside their comfort zone. Most of all as they progress you will smile with pride as your son or daughter moves from challenge to challenge! And their confidence soaring at each new accomplishment!

8. An Atmosphere of Respect: You will watch in amazement as your child learns to give and to earn respect. And even more important is they will develop Self Respect.

9. Order and Structure: Even thought the atmosphere at Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts is friendly, supportive and fun, it is NOT playtime!  And you will be delighted to see how your children develop focus and persistence in our orderly, structured environment.

Final Important benefit of the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts!

10. A Friendship Based Environment: If you are expecting to find harsh old world martial arts instructors at our school you will be very disappointed! Most importantly the Cobra-Kai school you saw in the Karate Kid is not how we run our school. Our instructors are hand picked and trained in teaching for many years. There are no outside teachers on our floor, they are all home grown. 

The atmosphere created is one of respect and friendship. A mentoring environment and a strong student / teacher relationship. That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your child the support he or she needs to succeed!

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