Peaceful Warriors Certified Teachers

Welcome to our website for our Peaceful Warriors Certified Teachers. This is an international listing of all active teachers under Grand Master Art Mason. Currently it is being updated as our new locations come only. This is a list of only active Peaceful Warriors Certified Teachers within our system. 

Windsor Ontario Canada Location

Peaceful Warriors Certified Teachers

Meet Kyo Sa Nim Jody Tweney

Kyo Sa Nim Jody is a Certified International Teacher with the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts as well as a Black Belt certified my the Peaceful Warriors Black Belt Review Board.

Jody Says: "I Love working with kids!"

She has  over 10 years as a leader in girl guides, and was a Sunday school teacher! Plus she has worked at several vacation bible schools

Other experiences is 5 yrs of teaching guitar and bagpipes. Jody also served in the military for 5 yrs as a piper in the pipe-band.

I love challenges and never gives up. My goal is to keep learning and to help pass on what I have learned down to those who are below me. I love watching both kids and adults excel as they move up on their belts.

Wolf Den Dojo Romania

Peaceful Warriors Certified Teachers
* Master Philip Welch

One of our long time student Philip Welch began his martial arts training at the age of 12 in Tae Kwon Do.  And at the age of 19, he discovered Aikido. During this time achieving his 2nd degree black belt in Yoshinkai Aikido under Shihan Kevin Blok.

One day, after driving by a Hapkido school he stopped in and talked to the teacher. This was Master Curt Mason. And  signed up to train. 

After some years of training he achieved his 5th degree black belt in Hapkido. As well as his 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  And 1st degree black belt in Kyusho Jitsu under Master Art Mason, Master Curt Mason, Master Scott Master.

Philip is a also Certified International Teacher under Grand Master Art Mason.  But also has done instructor training in Aikido under Shihan Kevin Blok.

Philip has had the opportunity to train, cross train in other martial arts with different teachers. Most of all expanding his experience and seeing the oneness in martial arts, in martial arts movement.

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