Peaceful Warriors Romania

* Peaceful Warriors Romania

Peaceful Warriors Romania is opening a small Dojo / Dojang in Romania in early 2023. However this will be a private Dojo! Interested students who apply and are accepted will be invited to train.

Hence a student must apply, agree to the rules of training and attend for a minimum amount of time. [One Month interval commitment]

The Dojo is located on my compound in the mountains of Transilvania Romania. Likewise this will also be the location of the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp in July 2023. But I am not disclosing the location to the public!

Most importantly the RMATC is an invitation only event. But you can learn more from this RMATC link

What is being taught at Peaceful Warriors Romania Dojo?

1) Kosho Shorei Ryu - The Natural Laws of Self Defense and escaping

2) Pressure Point Theory as it applies to Kosho and your root art if applicable

3) Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido

4) Cane as a weapon

And too much else to list here including Chi Development.

Training Regiment

Firstly, training will be several hours per day based on a 5 day training schedule.  Secondly you must be fully committed to this, or the agreement will be canceled. If you are from out of town or out of country accommodations will be made for you at your expense. Most importantly each student must commit to a FULL MONTH of training. Longer terms are also going to be available.

There will be nothing like this in the modern martial arts world! 


Question: Can my application be declined? 

Answer: YES. If I do not sense a serious commitment your application will be declined. 

Question: How many will be in a class?

Answer: There will be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 in the school.

Question: How long will I be at the Dojo daily?

Answer: This is old world training. Expect to be at the compound for 8 hours

To clarify, training will be a complete training including training in the mountains. Therefore I say this is an old world training hall or Dojo. You will work HARD, harder then you ever have in traditional training! And you have to like dogs or do not even bother to inquire. I run a Dog Rescue in the compound. 

Consequentially back in 2015 I sold my Dojo in Canada and moved to Brasov Romania. And the reason was I have decided to no longer participate in the world as we know it. I am a recluse. Most importanly to me is this was the best decision I have ever made. And yes, I love it!

Peaceful Warriors Romania

Meanwhile back in 2016 I ran a small Dojo in Brasov Romania and took only one student.  Above all the reason I took only one student was to decide if, and how I wanted to continue to teach the years of my own personal learning. And I have now made the decision as to how I wish to proceed sharing the knowledge I have been blessed to have shared with me. Most of all the student will benefit from my 40 years of full time martial arts learning. 

Therefore if you would like updates on the construction and opening status of the Peaceful Warriors Romania Dojo fill out the form below now. You will be added to a special mail list exclusively for this school. You can also ask questions in this form.

If you have a question ask it here.

I will be updating this web page often as more information is available.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

* Grand Master Art Mason

The Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute